Published Date : 2019-09-14

NBS has been working on the eastern region of Nepal for very long time and has been able to earn a respectable identity in the society and plans to create a full featured Women Safety Home and Old Age Home. In terms of the total population, more than half of the number is of women in Nepal. They actively participate in all levels of production but due to cultural, social, economic and political discrimination in Nepali women are living a harsh conditions. And plus if women are poor, suffered violence and single women then they have to suffer even great. So, the women are forced to live being exploited, abused and discriminated. And this discrimination has led women to be the victims of different kinds of violence. The state seems to be working to reduce the such incidents but the number is raising. Therefore, for the safety management, rehabilitation and to provide some self sustaining skills and as well to provide the lawful integrity of the victims women we plan to provide such environment by establishing a Women Safety Home. At the same time the at current social situation of Nepal, educated children are going abroad for study and also for work. And leaves helpless elderly at home, most of them will eventually become ill or week. Senior citizens plays important role in the life of their family, society and the country. And they provide the guidance for the younger generations and their future progeny. However, they tend to live a pitiless at their end of life. Therefore, plan to establish Women Safety Home and Old Age Home, where no discrimination of any kind can exists.

The main objective of this program :

  1. To provide safety management, rehabilitation and self sustaining skills for Women suffering from violence.
  2. To help victims women to achieve legal and social justice for the environment
  3. To create an environment for helpless senior citizens for safe living, rehabilitation, medical treatment and live a simple and intuitive life.

Activities :

S.N. Activities Location Participants
1 Senior Citizen's Day Biratnagar 120
2 Construction and Operation of the group Baijanathpur, Katahari 30
3 Senior civil rights related consulting Baijanathpur, Katahari 25

Upcoming Events

  • 31 MARCH 2023

    General Assembly

    Location: NBS Central office Meeting Hall