Published Date : 2019-09-14

Nari Bikash Sangh (NBS) is a social service oriented, nonprofit and non government organization (NGO) established in 1980 with a view of facilitating value based development of rural poor, disadvantaged, and underprivileged woman. NBS is a member-based organization and is mobilizing its volunteers at different levels to achieve the goals of the organization. At present, there are 2230 volunteers members, which include life long members(260) and general members (1970). It has 4 Regional and 23 Branch Offices scattered throughout the country. NBS works in the following districts- Panchthar, Illam, Jhapa, Morang, Dhankuta, Sunsari, Saptari, Sindhuli, Parsa, Makwanpur, Kathmandu and Rupendehi of Nepal. The branch offices are mobilizing 312 women's SHG groups and 31 cooperatives, which are comprised of 30000 members. The sustainability of women's groups through the promotion of people's organization is the main focus of the organizations. NBS is committed to apply a rights based approach in all its work.

Currently, it is providing direct services to approximately 100,000 women from poor and marginalized families. It has 89 paid staff members (74 female and 15 male). It also to a large extent builds on voluntary effort by its members. NBS is the proprietor of infrastructure suitable for running proposed programmes of the kind. It has its own training hall and own office building in six places Illam regional office, Garamani branch office, Belbari branch office, Urlabari branch office, Salakpur branch office, Kerabari branch office. It has land property in different districts and VDCs. NBS has a long experience in the area of community mobilization under the different projects and programmes supported by national and international donor agencies. We have a notable experience of social mobilization in rehabilitation of more than 500 community.

Executive boards that function at branch, regional, govern NBS and central levels respectively. At each level, an annual assembly is held. The central level annual assembly is the highest one and has the authority to formulate and make amendments to organizational policy and strategies (according to feedback and suggestions submitted by the branch and regional boards). Representatives from all the branches and regions participate as members of the central level annual assembly. At each level, the executive committees are selected on the basis of fair and democratic election processes.

Our Vision :

Women of Nepal will be self-dignified by enjoying their right with constructing equitable society.

Our Mission :

The mission of Nari Bikash Sangh is to construct well off society through empowerment, capacity development, social mobilization and advocacy to achieve women's economic, social and political rights.</p

Our Goals :

  • Women will be aware, active & empowered for their economic, social & political rights with their own organization.
  • Women will be arranging social campaign, advocacy & pressure from local level to central level in their organised initiation & leadership for economic, social & political rights assurance.
  • Process of women participation & inclusion will be expanded between local level and policy maping level for basic rights and well-off of women violence, social exclusion, education & health
  • The human rights for women will be assured by construction of mechanism for protection, promotion & monitoring of women human right.
  • Womens' right over assets & security of foods will be assured.

Our Objectives :

Organizations' main objective is to organize target group for their social, economics & educational development for self sustained the Nation's women overall welfare & progress through social service.

  • To raise awareness among women about their status and rights.
  • To increase the literacy rate of women and children.
  • To facilitate and support community development programs for economic development and self-employment opportunities of women
  • To provide legal and moral support to destitute and effected of domestic violence of women
  • To develop gender balanced strategies and implement them accordingly
  • To develop and promote the resources of the organizations and extensively utilize them and also utilize the external resources as per need.
  • To develop human resources at different levels of the organizations and use them effectively.
  • To develop a congenial relationship with like minded partner organization, gather resources, and mobilize resources for the benefit of the community.
  • To reduce child labour and awareness of child right.
  • Contributing and strengthening towards better care and support for senior citizen and victim women living in difficult circumstances who willingly come for services.

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