Published Date : 2019-09-14

Key achievements :

  • NBS Founders were actively involved in the movement for assurance of women rights since 1980 to 1992.
  • NBS has spread its areas in 24 branch and 4 regional office established in different districts in Nepal.
  • Campaign against women violence has been successfully implemented in more than 250 VDCs for assurance of equal right of men and women (land & property rights, equal participation, decision making rights, socio- economical rights of women).
  • At least 50000 women are aware about women & child right.
  • 15 women networks are mobilizing local resources.
  • 20,000 women are affiliated in different groups and 15 women federation for their rights, against women violence and social abuse.
  • 40000 women are affiliated in 350 groups and 30 different cooperatives and engaged in different business through saving and credit program.
  • Marginalized and excluded group women are involving in VDC level planning, implementation and monitoring process.
  • Women hold their power in community; they are involving in School management committee, Community user group, integrated planning committee, community forest users group, health management committee.
  • Literacy classes were conducted for under privileged communities & more than 5000 women completed the literacy standard and got neo literate certificate through Adult Literacy Class.
  • Women are fighting against violence. They are solving their problems themselves in community level.
  • Voters' awareness for participation in vote casting during the first constitution election.
  • Suggest constitutional assembly member to include women's issues by collecting local issues of women.
  • Own Infrastructure development for office management, constructed branch & reasonal offices in Belbari, Mrigauliya, Urlabari, Kerabari, Ilam and training hall in Biratnagar.
  • Human resource development like, Master trainer in Gender and Social Inclusion, Business Skill, Women rights/Child rights, Agriculture IPM based trainer, Literacy trainer, Reflect, PRA, Disaster preparedness, Better Life option Program (BLOP), Behavior change communication (BCC) Reproductive health trainer.
  • At least 100 million rupees are turning over through 30 cooperatives.

Upcoming Events

  • 31 MARCH 2023

    General Assembly

    Location: NBS Central office Meeting Hall