Published Date : 2019-09-14

The social, economic condition of back warded and deprived communities living in the southern part of Morang and sunsari district is very worst. Majority of these people are landless and they inhabited in other’s land.  Due to the poor economic condition, they are involved in daily wages for their livelihood. The level of education and awareness are very low among these ethnic groups. They are suffering from poverty. Due to the existence of social evils like gender disparity, child labor, polygamy, early marriage and dowry system in the society, the condition of women and children is pitiable. This community is compelled to be far from the communication facilities such as newspaper, Television, Radio, poster, pamphlets and others. So it is necessary to aware them about social change, economic growth, gender violence, constitution building, and livelihood along with positive changes in their behavior for the improvement of their life style. Awareness to manage and solve the physical and mental problem and changes occurring in the adolescent is also necessary for happy life of adolescent. In order to perform these tasks this program has been designed. The programs are working in sunsari and  Morang District in FY 2012. The working VDCs are Banigama, Kaseni, Motipur, Tetariya, Sidraha, Thalaha, Dangraha, Katahari, Bhathigachh, Belbari, Majhare in morang district as well as Chimadi, Ramgang Belgachhiya, Chitaha, Aurabani, Bhaluwa, Simariya, Tanmuna, Sonapur, Purwakusaha, Sattarjhoda VDC of sunsari district.   This project is working under three components:

  1. Livelihood sensitization
  2. Legal  right sensitization
  3. Gender sensitization

Objective of the program:

  • To increase awareness for the access on communication
  • To encourage the community towards the society, full of equality by identify the equality between men and women.
  • To help for the minimization of the social evils like gender disparity, child labor, polygamy, early marriage and dowry system and other violence against women existing in the community.

Process of the program:

  • Empowering women group/network.
  • Women Group formation & Networking
  • Sensitize the Right holders about government policy.
  • Conduct gender sensitization training in community level
  • Campaign against sexual abuse, girls trafficking
  • Conduct Behavioral change communication (BCC) centre.
  • Make Solidarity to the stake holders on common issue.
  • Lobby & advocacy to create pressure to the stake holders and state for pro poor-policy.
  • Victim women contact to the local level women network & NBS office. Initially they tried to compromise in local level. In case the case is not compromise referred it to police office & court for justice.
  • Conduct Better life option (BLOP) centers.
  • Sensitization on Child Rights, Child labour, child abuse, Child education.
  • Campaign for stopping early child marriage, child labour, child abuse.
  • Mediation on community conflict management in women violence.

Upcoming Events

  • 31 MARCH 2023

    General Assembly

    Location: NBS Central office Meeting Hall