Published Date : 2019-09-14

Nari Bikash Sangh (NBS) and World Literacy of Canada (WLC) jointly started the Women Empowerment Project. This Partnership program is running since 1999. And it is now extended in March 2013. This project has covered the Belbari, Kerabari, Dangihat, Indrapur, Kaseni & Tetariya VDCs of Morang district of Nepal. The underprivileged, disadvantaged, illiterate and poor women and children from each village are our target groups. The main focus of the project was to empower women through the process of rising educational, social, economical, political, environmental and gender violence awareness among the target groups through literacy and group approaches. The main objective of this program

  • To empower economically & socially for those women (poor, dalit, marginalized, backward, excluded & indegeneous) who are deprived from nation's mainstreem through informal education, vocational skill base training and income generation training.
  • To increase women's access on decision making process.
  • To organized and mobilize womens group and networks fighting for women violence.
  • To support for Women saving group formation & mobilization for their self sustainability.

Process of the program:

  • Empowering women group/network.
  • Women Group formation & Networking
  • Sensitize the Right holders about government policy.
  • Conduct gender sensitization training in community level
  • Campaign against sexual abuse, girls trafficking
  • Conduct Literacy Centre.
  • Make Solidarity to the stake holders on common issue.
  • Lobby & advocacy to create pressure to the stake holders and state for pro poor-policy.
  • Victim women contact to the local level women network & NBS office. Initially they tried to compromise in local level. In case the case is not compromise referred it to police office & court for justice.
  • Sensitize women reproductive health, neonatal child care & primary health care
  • Conduct Child centers.
  • Sensitization on Child Rights, Child labour, child abuse, Child education.
  • Campaign for stopping early child marriage, child labour, child abuse.
  • Mediation on community conflict management in women violence.


S.N. Activities Location Group/Center Participants
1 Rural Library Belbari 4 200
2 Savings Program (Savings groups and Cooperatives) Belbari, Dangihat, Indrapur 4 2440
3 Income Program Belbari, Dangihat, Indrapur - 695
4 Awakening Groups Belbari, Dangihat, Indrapur, Tetaria 5 150
5 Sewing Training Dangihat 2 72
6 International Women's Day Dangihat 1 432
7 International 16-day campaign against Violence Against Women Dangihat 1 365
8 Water and Sanitation Program Dangihat 5 1966

Upcoming Events

  • 31 MARCH 2023

    General Assembly

    Location: NBS Central office Meeting Hall