Published Date : 2019-09-14

This project has been implemented in partnership with Action Aid International Nepal, Morang from the year 2007 in 5 VDCs (Baijanathpur, Lakhantari, Mrigaulia, Belbari & Dangihat) of Morang District. This project runs through community. Right holders of the working areas ( poor, dalit, marginalized, excluded, landless & women) have access and control over the local resources( land, water & forest) for ensuring the right of education, land & food, women, health, & child right by empowering them involving in different activities. The major themes of this program are: Education Right, Women Right, Land & Food Right, and Health Right, and good goernance.

Objectives :

  • Activities should be conducted for poor, dalit, marginalized/ excluded, women, children and indigenous people.
  • Activities should be conducted for ending social discrimination and advocate for social justice & equitable society for social change.
  • Lobby & compromise to implement experiences & learning's of local activities by coordinating local organizations & Civil Society.
  • Make self dependent to the excluded group, marginalized people, poor, dalit, women, landless by providing vocational trainings like skill based & business skill trainings so they felt dignified life.

Process of the program:

  • Enabling and empowering right holders.
  • Women Group formation & Networking
  • Sensitize the Right holders about government policy.
  • Conduct gender sensitization training in community level
  • Campaign against sexual abuse, girls trafficking & witch blame.
  • conduct Reflect Circle
  • Make Solidarity to the stake holders on common issue through mass concretization.
  • Lobby & advocacy to create pressure to the stake holders and state for pro poor-policy and good governance.
  • Victim women contact to the local level women network & NBS office. Initially they tried to compromise in local level. in case the case is not compromise referred it to police office & court for justice.
  • Conduct Child Right training/ orientation.
  • Child group/Network, child club formation.
  • Sensitization on Child Rights, Child labour, child abuse, Child education.
  • Campaign for stopping early child marriage, child labour, child abuse.
  • Mediation on community conflict management especially on the issue of Land and women violence.

Upcoming Events

  • 31 MARCH 2023

    General Assembly

    Location: NBS Central office Meeting Hall