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On the occation of the 1st Mourning Anniversary of social worker Late Sushila Chapagain, a book giving detail insight into the life of such an esteemed personality have been documented and published.Through this book, we aim to bring out her personality, social life, and her contribution to the children, women and the society as a whole which will inspire and motivate others to follow the footsteps of such a beautiful soul.

  • Birth, Birth place and childhood:

Shushila Chapagain was born on 2nd Mangshir to Bishnu Prasad Adhikari and Aayodhya Devi Adhikari resident of Ranga, Charambi in Bhojpur district. She had three brothers and two sisters.

  • Education:

Shushila Chapaign belonged to the religious Hindu family. Her father; Bishnu Prasad Adhikari was a priest. He arranged Sanskrit and Chandi learning for his sons but the daughters were deprived from any sorts of education.On seeing her brother learning Chandi, she also wanted to join them but the society that time forbade the girls from learning. Her mother Aayodhya Devi Adhikari was an educated lady, so despite every hardship she made her daughters to study. Due to her sheer desire and effort Sushila began learning on her own in the house and was able to complete her primary level. After being able to read and write, she composed several poems, stories and short writings. She also learned English with the assistance of teacher.

  • Maritial Life :

In Falgun 2002 BS, at the age of 11 she got married to Khemraj (Rajkumar) Chapagain, the youngest son of Shree Devi Prasad Chapagain of Dingla.  She did not lead a happy married life and was abused by her husband on regular basis.She gave birth to 2 children but unfortunately one died at a very small age. She tried very hard to improve her married life but it became worse when her husband got married to another lady. Form that day on wards, she started living separately with her son Uttam Chapaign. Uttam is married to Klayani Chapaign have two sons Dipesh and Yukesh. Some of them are settled in Kathmandu and rest in Australia. Sushila associated herself with Nari Bikash Sangh from the very beginning and gave her entire time to the betterment of the organization and the society. She also adopted Durga Dahal who is also the member of NBS and served and cared for Sushila till her last breath.

  • Habbit and Interest :

Late Sushila Chapaign’s father was religious and a social worker which had imprints on her as well. She listened to the sufferings of the common people and used to try to sort it out.She was very vocal against caste based discrimination and injustice.She worked for the cause of Women’s right. She wanted to see the every girl and women are empowered. In her early days, she enjoyed reading Novel, writing poem, story, and watching movies. She also used to read national and local newspaper as well as news in television and radio. Her daily routine began at 4 in the morning which she termed as “Amrithbell” or auspicious time and began her day by reading the Gyanamrit, the publication of Brahmakumaris.

  • Involvement in politic:

After the end of Panchayat system in Nepal, many political and social organizations were established during the campaign of "Gaun Farka" or Return to Village. In 2031/032 B.S. District Women Federation, Morang was formed under the leadership Sushila Koirala Bhandari, Sushila was selected as the Vice-President. A year later she was elected as the President of District Women Federation, Morang as well as Treasure of Koshi Zonal Women Federation. Later she was also elected as the Ward member of Ward no. 3 in the Biratnagar Municipality. During this period she was appointed for numerous posts. She performed her duties exceptionally well and served the community. She remained active in politics till 2036 BS and after retirement she gave her entire time to Nari Bikash Sangh and the welfare of Women and Children.

  • Social Service:

During her stint in politics, she was able to get a closer look into the communities, their social context and was aware of the issues, especially concerning women and children that are prevalent in the society. She was well familiar with the issues such as abuse of women, child trafficking and domestic violence. She stressed that that in order to reduce these evils first the women must be educated and empowered and skill based training should be given to them so that they could earn their livelihood.              In the beginning in 2037, she formed a small group called “Purwanchal Nari Bikash Samittee” along with some of the women to provide informal education to women in order to make women literate and empowering them to raise their voice. She did not restrict herself to Biratnagar and was active all over the country. She was involved in several organizations such as Family Planning Organisations, Health Volunteers, Society Welfare Board, School Management Committee and Women Coordination Cell, to name a few. She associated herself to almost every organization that was formed to serve the human race. To strengthen and empower women, she established various regional offices in order to empower women and make them self dependent socially, economically and emotionally. She also mobilized her women networks in case of any natural calamities in Nepal. She focused herself in volunteer mobilization and fund raising for the victims of Earthquake in 2045 BS. She also coordinated the reconstruction of 250 schools, that were severely damaged by earthquake, in Ilam district with Lutheran World Organisation. Be it the humanitarian support to the Bhutanese refuges, the victims of Koshi flooding in 2064 BS or the devastating earthquake in 2072 that rocked and destroyed Nepal, Sushila Chapagain was at the forefront leading the rescuse and relief operation. These are the just few instances that can be mentioned for such a noble social worker, who had worked selflessly for the needy and the poor ones.

  • Literature Sector:

Shushila Chapaign had interest in literature from her initial days. She used to write poems and stories and used to recite those in functions and programs.She also became the editor of Aishwarya Literature Publication and published the paper on monthly basis She have published her several editorials, poems and writings in several local as well as national newspaper.

  • Successful Administrator:

Ms. Chapagain had unique and multidimensional capacity. She had good administrative capacity and could mobilize whole team to the utmost level. She used to care and love all the members of her organization. The honest and the laborious would be applauded where as the corrupt and faulty would be punished by her. Due to her behavior, she had the trust and support of the entire team. Ms Chapagin had been part of numerous organizations in her life time. She worked beyond the barriers of any organization. The ultimate aim of Ms Chapagain was to serve women and children no matter what organization one is affiliated to

  1. Nari Bikash Sangh- Founder President
  2. Family Planning and Maternal & Child welfare Planning- President
  3. Leprosy Relief organization- Executive member
  4. Institute of Prativa Puraskar- Member
  5. Aama Milan Kendra-  Member
  6. Koshi Zonal Hospital- Volunteer Founder President
  7. Sanatan Religion Service Committee -  Life member
  8. Nepal Redcross Society- Life Member
  9. World Hindu Service Sammittee – Life member
  10. Janata Secondary School – SMC Member
  11. Narendra Chapagain Memorial institute- Life member
  12. Paropakar Ghat – Member
  13. Panini Sanskrit School- Life member
  14. Brahama Kumari Rajyog Service Center – Life Member
  15. Chapagain Society Service Center- Life Member
  • Awards:

Ms Chapagain received several awards for the selfless and charitable works done during her lifetime. For her contribution to the society she was not only awarded domestically but also Internationally, Some of the awards are:

  • Ratna Samaj Sewa Medal
  • Sewa Medal
  • Bhukamppidit Sewa Medal
  • Appreciation Letter from former PM Girija Pd Koirala

These are just few that can be named. There are several felicitations and honoring ceremony held got hailing the contribution of Ms Chapagain to the society.

  • Death:

Ms Chapagin had been suffering from Diabetes, blood pressure and bronchitis for s very long time. Due to prolonged illness she took her last breath on 21st Mangsir 2072 and left for her journey to the heavenly place.

  • At last:

After giving a insight into the life of senior social worker Late Sushila Chapagain, one can dream to live such a selfless life. She is a true role model for the coming generations. There are a lot to learn form the struggles that Ms Chapagain endured during her life time. She is the symbol of women empowerment not only for Biratnagar but for the entire country. Although Ms Chapagain have left the world but her views, values and ethics will inspire the coming generations to work for the betterment of the society.

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